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Facing the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry, Lin Zhimin believes that although this has certain influence on the stone machinery manufacturing industry, it provides an opportunity for the stone machinery manufacturing industry.

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“The stone industry is at a low point, the market is getting lower, the enterprise cost needs to be controlled, and the production capacity of machinery and equipment is higher. This is a demand. According to the needs of stone enterprises, we will carry out research and development and launch in due course. "New products that meet the needs of the market." Lin Zhimin introduced to Haixi Stone magazine. At present, the new "CNC high-efficiency combination saw" of Shuinan Machinery is to meet the needs of the current stone market. “By using such products, stone companies increase the productivity and processing precision of stone products, while the efficient automation of machines also reduces labor intensity and labor costs.”

Whether it is the finishing of stone enterprises or the mining of stone mines, it is a test for the stone machinery manufacturing industry. “The stone industry needs to be transformed and upgraded, indicating that it is paying more attention to environmental protection and technology, providing stone enterprises with high-efficiency and energy-saving environmental protection equipment, and has become one of the research directions of Shuinan Machinery.” Obviously, beyond words, Lin Zhimin is ready for the sprint.

As early as 2011, Shuinan Machinery perceives the trend of the market, and has created the “Hained” electromechanical brand for the field of stone finishing, with the main lines of “Shuinan Brand” stone mining equipment and “Hained Brand” stone processing equipment. Through the upstream and downstream machinery and equipment of the stone industry, we will build a full-industry chain equipment provider to achieve group operation. "At present, there is still a lot of room for development in this industry." In Lin Zhimin's view, the most critical development in the stone machinery manufacturing industry is technological innovation and quality assurance, all of which must be market-oriented. “First of all, technological innovation is not about unconsciously innovating. When the market is constantly changing, we need to gain insight and create new products. Secondly, quality management. We need to learn from excellent stone machinery manufacturers such as Italy, and then combine with China. The market is applied to China's field. Lin Zhimin said that the Italian stone industry is more environmentally friendly than China, but their stone machinery is still at the forefront of the world. China's stone machinery manufacturing industry must think and work hard.

“The key to strengthening technological improvement, improving process level, improving management mode, and improving service quality depends on ideas. The appearance models can be counterfeited, but the concept and quality cannot be removed. This is what I have always emphasized.” In the words The firmness is Lin Zhimin's experience of leading the enterprise to advance with the times with modern thinking. "We have such a slogan - there is no off-season market, only the off-season. Branding is not just relying on advertising. It is just a means to increase the company's visibility. The real support of the brand is development philosophy, product quality, Process technology, research and development capabilities, service quality, etc., these are empty shells, and they are broken when they are knocked. And all these, the most fundamental is the idea. When the mind pauses, the enterprise will pause and the industry will stop."

The most intuitive embodiment of a company's thinking is the shaping of corporate culture. “For the enterprise, this is the guiding ideology that can lead the company to develop in a good direction. The lack of the same thinking of the employees will only be mechanically commuting to work, without any positive creativity. Want to innovate, want to walk in In the forefront of the industry, we must first let all employees of the company develop such awareness. Therefore, to achieve the long-term development and modern management of enterprises, we need to change our thinking and change traditional concepts. Shuinan Machinery has established a reward and punishment incentive system to encourage and guide employees to innovate. “We advocate new things in cultural concepts, especially if employees create new methods, reduce costs, and play a role in the development of enterprises and even the industry. We will give appropriate bonuses."

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